Where has my creativity gone?

Recently, with all the summer activities, it seems like me and a whole lot of other people have gone for quite some time without creating. If you’re an addict like me, you just get the urge to go “make something”. But if you’re like me, you go look at your supplies and have no idea where to start.

The only thing I can do in that situation is just start on something, no matter how small. Grab a card blank and just look through supplies to see what matches and start arranging them till something strikes your fancy.

Another idea is to have some sort of notebook where you can doodle and make drawings of idea you have, just so you have some sort of inspiration when you do have time to craft. You can also cut out pictures and glue them in a notebook of patterns and designs that please your eye.

In other words, for all you busy people out there like me, you have to create to be creative….and that challenge is for myself more than anybody 🙂

Please stay tuned for my new web design @ http://www.dinglefoot.com


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