3-D Mom Card


This Mother’s Day card will take a little extra time to complete, but it will be worth your time! It has a 3-D effect because you will be adding a little extra to the flower.

You will need:

2 sheets of paper with flowers and leaves ~ they must  have the same design!

Small foam adhesive dots

Double-sided tape

4 gold mini brads

1 mini spiral clip

Sheer gold ribbon

Beige cardstock

Red cardstock


Glue stick

Gold Glitter Glue (optional)

Black Pen or Clear “MOM” sticker



Cut a rose or other flower from patterned scrapbook paper.

Cut out another flower exactly the same from the second sheet. Now pick out 5-6 flower petals and cut them out. Using foam dots, adhere the cut petals right on top of the matching flower petals on your first flower. After they are all put in place, use gold glitter glue around the edges for an elegant touch. Lay the flower aside to dry. (You can see the 3-D effect below on my finished card.)


Use a beige piece of cardstock or a premade card and have the fold on top.

Cut a red piece of cardstock slightly bigger than your beige card and adhere to the back of the beige card.

Cut a piece of sheer gold ribbon  the width of your card plus 4 extra inches. Using the edges of your card as a guide, fold the ribbon back and hold it in place with 2 gold mini brads on each side. Use double-sided tape to affix the ribbon to the front of your card. (If the prongs or the brads show through the ribbon, carefully cut them back using scissors or a wire cutter.)

Make a tag out of red cardstock, either cutting it by hand or using a die-cut. Place a gold spiral clip at the top and adhere to the left front of the card with foam adhesive tape. Write “MOM” on the tag or use a clear sticker.

After the glitter glue is dried on your flower, adhere it with foam tape to the top right of your card. Now glue the leaves that you cut earler on either side of the rose. You can use a pencil to curl the edges of the rose petals a little if you want.

This card does take a little longer with all the cutting and letting the glitter glue dry, but your mom sure will think it’s extra special!


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